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In 1949, a group of Wichita physicians met at the home of Dr. Bert Stofer to organize the Wichita Foundation of Medical Research to further medical science by investigative pursuits, and the advancement of knowledge in medicine. The group hoped to ultimately provide laboratory equipment and facilities to carry out research projects.

The first meeting for incorporation was on November 20, 1949. Those who signed the incorporation papers were: Philip Cooper MD, Ernest W. Crow MD, Leo K. Crumpacker MD, James S. Hibbard MD, Gerhart R. Tonn MD, Donald P. Trees MD, Charles K. Weir MD, and Bert E. Stofer MD.


In 1959 the name of the Wichita Foundation of Medical Research changed to Wesley Medical Research Institutes. Even though the program was later developed and centered at Wesley Medical Center, the services and assistance of the research institutes were made available to all medical practitioners, medical residents, and other recognized medical and scientifically-qualified investigators residing in the Wichita area.

In Autumn of 2001, the Board of Directors voted to change the name once again to Wichita Medical Research and Education Foundation (WMREF.) The change reflects the emphasis on supporting and funding medical research and continuing medical education in Wichita and throughout the state.

The current President of WMREF is Alan Feary MD, a local retired physician who specialized in internal medicine. WMREF's Medical Director is Jed Delmore MD, who is in private practice as a gynecological oncologist. The WMREF Scientific Director is Paula Delmore MSM, who specializes in NICU research.

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