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Forms for Advance Directives

This is the page where you can find all of your advance directives or related forms. All the buttons on this page will lead to downloads represented by the document icon. Be sure to check what language you are downloading labelled on the button.

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Advance Directives FAQs

Advance Directives Full FAQ

A full .pdf that contains information regarding the Advance Directive FAQ page in detail.

Kansas Advance Directives

A document covering the advance directives that are recognized in the state of Kansas.

Make the Decision Yours

This brochure provides a copy of DPOA-HC and Living Will, plus definitions and discussion about using said documents. Available in 3 languages.

Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA-HC)

Also referred to as Healthcare Power of Attorney, available in 3 languages.

Living Will

Living Will Advance Directive, available in 3 languages.

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR)

Understanding DNR brochure, available in 3 languages.

DNR Advance Directive, available in 2 languages.


Choosing an Agent - Document providing discussion on how one should choose an agent to represent them in healthcare matters.

Hydration and Nutrition - Descriptions of types of nutrition and hydration.

Medically Assisted Nutrition - Brochure describing medically assisted nutrition and its effects.

Life Sustaining Treatments - Brochure to understand life sustaining treatments.

Order Form (Updated 2021)

Order form for bulk Advance Directives orders.

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