Helpful websites

The following websites may be helpful in understanding advanced directives,
and the different type of care available.


The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

Alliance for Aging Research

Center for Practical Bioethics
Their mission is to raise and respond to ethical issues in health and healthcare.

Department of Veterans Affairs
A good explanation of the importance of completing Advance Directives.

Family Caregiver Alliance
This is a website placed by the Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA), National Center on Caregiving. FCA is a public voice for caregivers. They have information, education, services, research and advocacy support and sustain the work of families caring for loved ones with chronic, disabling health problems. There are times when one is caregiving that no one else but another caregiver knows what you are going through. This website is extremely helpful for helping caregivers realize that they are not alone. Information is in English, Chinese and Spanish.

Georgetown Research
Georgetown University; has Kennedy Institute of Ethics link also.

Getting Over Grief 
Website to Understand and deal with Grief.  

Hastings Center
An independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit bioethics research institute that explores fundamental and emerging questions in healthcare, biotechnology, and the environment.

Legal Ethics
"intersection of ethics and the law." Can search at this site for state's legislation re: bioethics issues.

National Catholic Bioethics Center
Teachings of the Catholic Church on Bioethics issues.

National Center for Biotechnology
National resource for molecular biology information.

University of Kansas Medical Center
Good resource for teachers of science and ethics.

Kansas Hospital Association
An organization of hospitals working together to improve access, quality and the affordability of health care for all Kansans.

Kansas Medical Society
Kansas Medical Society - dedicated to improving the environment in which Kansas Physicians practice medicine.

Palliative Care
Palliative Care is specialized care focused on the pain, symptoms, and stress of serious illness.

Sedgwick County Health Department
To promote and protect the health of Sedgwick County residents through education, prevention, surveillance and treatment.

Stem Cell Science
Educational resources about the developing area of biomedical research.